The Mindy Project is Back! YASSS!!!

Over to what seemed like an eternity, after People v. OJ Simpson, David Bowie’s death, Gaga’s epic Superbowl performance, and me moving from The Philippines to the United States of America and the homesickness and the depression that lead me to a re-watch of four seasons of The Mindy Project, my favorite show is back!

There might be spoilers but I promise it won’t be that big like, say, that Seth Meyers cameos which makes me wonder where did the Seth Meyers character went that was once Mindy’s love interest?

Today’s episode, Will They or Won’t They is about making a decision. A very important one for our dear protagonist. The beginning of the episode is Stevie Wonder singing to the fast-forward to what had happened in the course of months which for some may consider as a cheat but it’s an intensely warm affair. I’d like to think this is the writers way of saying “no, we won’t indulge ourselves with what could have been obvious steps for the show. We’re more creative than that.”

Many critics panned the show for its being inconsistent which I’d like to believe is because of the writer’s range of humor but it honestly makes it unpredictable and therefore cool. It’s obviously the show for the millenial and I really don’t understand why is it not being watched by everybody when you can make a GIF out of every scene.

This season was all about pushing the envelope like its subtle feminist tropes. There’s something about this season that made it all so particular. I thought at first, maybe it’s because she’s now a mother of a cute baby. But in this episode, it was non-mother related. And again, something subtly feminist. Mindy laughs when Danny says that “men have needs,” implying that women don’t (?) and walked out. And it was not a ha-ha laugh. And that talk that she had with Chloe to which they all pronounced as “shh-loe” was kind of the real deal. She likes girl friendships now. (Did anyone remember Chloe Silverado?)

Though I loved “Beverly survived a lot of diseases” or Morgan falling off a ladder and then a couch, there was something in the tone which made it somber. There was some kind of maturing that is happening. And this maturing that is happening will affect the entire show because Mindy Lahiri is loud, a crybaby, cruel, and well, hot, and it’s so difficult for me to see it not. And in the first part of the episode, everyone in the office gasped when Mindy did not cry over Danny. And the thing is, we would love to see Mindy bawling and creating mishaps. The character who is now a little more mature cannot make jokes about her irresponsible lifestyle because she’s also a mother now. (I’m not saying being a mother and being lovably reckless is black and white but Mindy has matured a bit) And she can only make jokes about her former life like when she fell out of a hot air balloon basket. It’s all now up to the writers to level up their game for the role model Mindy is trying to be while creating mishaps, mistakes, and recklessness at the same time. Hopefully, it will be refreshing to get to know more about this new Mindy but still funny Mindy, referring to both show and the character.

As for the other characters, there are great in only small dosages. I honestly think that the episodes that has B-plot or the C-plot are the ones that are shaky. On that note, I’m admitting that I’m slowly loving Fortune! And more Adam Pally please!

Either way, my love for this show runs deep and I can’t help but think Danny and Mindy falling apart is just one big epic conclusion to the end because I remember in the winter finale Danny was asking Mindy “to stay and change things” and she shouldn’t just walk away. And she did stay in the practice and it was great for her. Let’s just continue to pray to Madonna until the 26th episode.

Speaking of endings, is there news of season five? Well, my only hope for this show is to get a final season like any other shows actually, rather than killing a show without warning and resolution for the fans. I’m predicting there will be a season five and six. Other than that, I’m not really sure. I just really hope this show gets more attention. I have faith that it will hog a few awards this year.

Also, Mindy, if you’re reading this, last night I was thinking about Kris Jenner’s cameo. How about cameos for Kim Kardashian and her baby? That would be cool. They could playdate Leo.

I’m not sure if I can write another  review/recap/reaction entry next week like when I used to in season 2 but then college got to me so yes, it’s bye for now. Thank you for reading this. Comment angry things at me!



Brooklyn and Theon Greyjoy’s Search for Home

Two nights ago, around 11PM in the night, I finally finished A Clash of Kings and two Fridays ago, the movie Brooklyn just in time for me to root for it during the Oscars. And both were freaking marvelous. So this entry is some sort of review / reflection to the concepts of home found in both media, most of what I’m going to share is probably based on my Modern Asian Lit class and the paper I wrote for said class which was to me the best paper I’ve ever written.

The 1000-paged sequel to the A Game of Thrones is my comeback to reading. I wanted something to help me with my reading drought so I committed to the longest one I have in my bookshelf. This way reading becomes some kind of routine and the writing would be the same unlike when I read different books with different writing styles, tones, and techniques which is confusing and tiring.

It’s an exciting world that George R. R. Martin paints, it’s the entire country of different aspects of it-from gender, social class, and jobs. Successfully, Martin narrates the lives of the very different characters in bright light and development. Though there were times the descriptions were too much, it was part of the experience.


My favorite characters in both tv and book is Sansa and Catelyn Stark or at least some parts of their personality. Most found Catelyn annoying but when she recalled her experiences as a mother, it breaks my heart. The actress who plays Sansa Stark, Sophie Turner helped me visualized the silent Sansa. I’ve rooted for her in the later seasons. Her adventures, though minimal and less bloody unlike Arya’s, are dangerous enough to have cost her life. Her wits and a lot of luck have helped her along the way. And Sophie Turner’s goddamn gorgeous.

Speaking of Arya, her adventures could stand alone. Sometimes they’re boring especially the later ones but she is important. I feel like she is but at the moment she is not. She feels like a filler. Sometimes I feel like we could remove her from the books and the other characters would stay the same. I even wonder if she has a large role in the main plot but in the last six seasons of TV, she doesn’t. I wish we could get a character’s adventure compiled from book 1 to 5 into one novel, though I know most of it would not make sense, I’d like to have that option.

Okay, now let’s go to Theon Greyjoy. If you didn’t read the books, here’s a little history. He was born in the Iron Islands, taken by the Starks as a ward to keep the Greyjoy rebellion hushed when Theon was ten. Though Theon was raised like a Stark, it’s basically kidnapping, and Theon had no choice but to be a leverage against the Greyjoys. If the Greyjoys do something rebellious, their prince would be killed.


He grew up in Winterfell then, spending the most important part of your life – puberty – in a land where you’re supposed to call it home. Maester Luwin would educate you the maps and history and teach you how to read. You’d know the godswood, the entire kingdom of your father’s enemy, which to you is your new home with Robb who treats you like a brother. You’d feel at home but it isn’t really yours.

Then, Theon goes home for the first time to the Iron Islands since he was ten and it becomes very difficult. He is no longer the same. He does not wear what Ironborns wear, as his sister laughingly pointed out. He does not recognize its culture of We Do Not Sow, of its preference to durability than beauty. He tries to impress his unfamiliar father and fails. He is both an outcast to where he was born and where he grew up which is terrible and he tries so impeccably to impress both places and fails.

When he comes back to Winterfell to invade it, he is not loved. He is hated. Though he grew up there, those who helped him grew up did not love him. Not because he invaded it. Well, partly. But it is because he is a Greyjoy which required Theon to impress his father by invading Winterfell. And he failed both miserably…

Similar to this is Brooklyn, the Oscar-nominated film directed by John Crowley which tells the story of a young beautiful Irish who moves to Brooklyn played by Saoirse Ronan in search for a better life. She is polite, homesick, ambitious, and hard-working. As was the techonology during the 1950s, there was no Facetime or Snapchat to help you recognize and remember what home looked like. There is no closure once you moved to the city especially into the eccentric and lovely New York City, only sepia pictures and memories.


One of my favorite parts is the contrast between Eilis (Saoirse Ronan’s character) and another woman who tells her the do’s and don’ts in the ship that they came in. She prepares her for Brooklyn, an unknown territory, which that woman had already frequented, making her up and advising her not to cough ever on the immigration desk. And then, in the last scene, she then becomes that woman as a newbie to Brooklyn asks her about it. It was a full circle, character development and all. And it was very well-written.

Along the way, she falls in love to Tony, an Italian plumber who captivates her heart and mine. I’d like to think he is a metaphor for the love that she cultivated in Brooklyn. She loved him and she needed to come back to him. (Sidenote: their love story is gahhhh!!)


When she comes back to Ireland because of something I won’t spoil, everyone whispers and everyone wants to know what America was about. Similar to Theon Greyjoy, she became a different person when she comes back. An example is the swimming suit, as her friend had noticed. She wore a yellow one-piece which is new and beautiful. She is torn between two worlds and she no longer belongs to one. She knows she is both two and she should go back to Brooklyn and to Tony, the life she slowly built on her own, not one she had been handed to. And it makes total sense.

My take on both of this is to adjust as I’m in a new home myself. Or that we’re going to be in constant search of a home. Or that maybe a person is a home. Or a group of people. Or a state of mind.

People always tell me to never change wherever I go and it’s problematic because the only way we could all survive is to adapt, to stretch ourselves over the land. We’re all going to be in different places in the world, in doing so, we’re going to lose ourselves and question who we are to be. People will question who you were and why you became the ‘idealized’ past version of you.


But the thing is, we just have to be the best version of ourselves. It’s cliche but it works.Be in complete chaos of yourself. Forget about labels. Irish-American? Iron-born Winterfelli? Be everything all at once. As my friend had once said, why are we so afraid of chaos?

Pictures aren’t mine. Take the credit.

The Patrick Awards!

I’m a huge arts and culture junkie, meaning I consume lots of media: books, tv, films, and music. And I’m here to discuss which made my year extremely better.



  • Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey
  • Empire Vol. 1 by Various Artists
  • 10,000 Forms of Fear by Sia
  • Emotions by Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weeknd

Nope, 25 by Adele did not made the list because it was a horrible one. There are a few tracks that stood out but I’d prefer 21 and 19 over 25 any other day.


  • Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna
  • Take Me to Church by Hozier
  • Electric Love  by BØRNS
  • High by the Beach by Lana Del Rey
  • Somebody by Natalie La Rose ft. Jeremih

Played Somebody for more than 100 times in one day. It was an addicting song and still is.



  • Mr. Robot
  • Transparent
  • Master of None
  • Empire
  • Sense8

The sci-fi show is about 8 individuals around the world who share some kind of skills and can communicate with each other.


  • Saturday Night Live
  • Orange is the New Black
  • The Amazing Race
  • American Horror Story: Hotel
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Mindy Project

Despite critics, the show’s third season was the show’s best. The first two episodes of the fourth one are really good as well. The sad winter finale was also a very great one. With 13 episodes left, I hope the show could gather more fans that it could. It is so underrated.



  • Before (trilogy) by Richard Linklater
  • Spy
  • Birdman by Alejandro Inarriut
  • The Matrix by The Wachowskis
  • The Imitation Game
  • Mad Max: Fury Road by George Miller

Damn, watched this twice consecutively and another a week later. Too cool, man. One for the books.


  • Looking For Alaska by John Green
  • Howl & Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg
  • Edad Medya: Mga Tula sa Katanghaliang Gulang by Jose F. Lacaba
  • The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler
  • Histories by Charlie Samuya Veric
  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  • Leche by R. Zamora Linmark
  • The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
  • In Praise of the Stepmother by Mario Vargas Llosa
  • Why Not Me? By Mindy Kaling

Girl stepped it up and made it as warm and funny as her first book. Bitch deserved more.


What I’ve Realized about Mothers in Orange is the New Black’s Season 3 Premiere


TV show review of: Season 3, Episode 1 of Orange is the New Black! The episode does not have some big reveal or whatever so I do not what would classify as a spoiler but trust me, it’s not that spoiler-ish.

The show, which was released earlier than expected by only a few hours, opened up with an episode about mothers and it’s another episode with a lot of heart.

The first episode of the third season entitled “Mother’s Day” is structured well in several flashbacks of different girls inmates or women, concerning about their mothers and children. Instead of focusing on a single person, the entire episode showed glimpses of their life beyond the bars of a lot of women with different backgrounds. Even one of the administrator Healy has a flashback.

The idea of a Mother’s Day celebration is a good reminder that the inmates have lives outside the prison. I’d also like to assume that this is one way of the writing and the production staff to honor their mothers. After all, we owe almost everything to our mothers whether gratitude or a middle-finger.

This would lead me to some of the most important aspects that they tackled in a single episode. One of them is the big elephant in the room that no one really tried to talk about: abortion. It’s so hard to talk about it in TV because it’s a sensitive issue. I, for one, am against it and not for moral reasons. That Christian devout in the show aborted more than eight times with their names starting with the letter B by the way and one of her friends talked about how an abortion is a good thing because she wouldn’t be able to give them a good life anyway. What’s the point of creating a life that could be living so close to death? (Pull-quote me right there). Are you a bad mother for “wipin’ them out” before they lead shitty lives because of them? I’d like to open this for debate because in my counterargument would be. You could give it up for adoption. There are good people out there who want them.

Another is our transmom. Laverne Cox’s character has such a huge impact to the show and the audience and her character represents some parts of the transgender community. The question that was raised here was: how do you celebrate Mother’s day when you are the ‘father’ (biologically, at least) of your son? Is she going to be the ‘second-mom or his used-to-be dad’? She answers this with: from former man to current man. I’d love to say that this is the stand of the show and this should be the stand of everyone else. Being a transgender does not change your role as a parent. There is no such thing as: a real woman should know—or a real man should be. There is no proper and accurate way of being in a body.

Lastly is the loss of mothers. The loss of a mother is difficult. For Suzanne, it was terrible to accept V is gone. This would be her arc this season. For Poussey, it was her good mother. Unlike a couple of her friends, she had a great mother who loved her and who passed away and it was a devastating episode for her. One of the things that I’ve realized in this episode is that some people have shitty mothers. They simply do and it sucks for their children and it’s difficult. Life is fucking difficult.

As for Piper and Alex, I am glad they did not have as many scenes in this episode. I’m way interested in the stories of other inmates (like Poussey and Red) but I think these two girls represent was something more than motherhood and it’s friendship, something that is equally nurturing.

At the end of the day, they are prisoners. Of something bigger than Litchfield? Maybe. And that scene where they all had to plank go down on the ground because the alarm went off and it was required of them to lay on the ground for security purposes, it was one of the usual security measures while the kids were standing up and confused was so depressing. I think it was a reminder that sure, they do have lives outside prison but they’re living inside one as of the moment and they should know that. And the kids, as they start growing up, should know that being in jail is not normal. (But what is?) Take that heartbreaking scene near the end.

I’d like to think that this episode set the tone for the entire season which is hopeful since most of the time kids are our only hope.

I’m not going to comment on what made sense and what did not. The A.V. Club, which I religiously read, is responsible for that.

What I hate about it though is that there is no “Last season on Orange is the New Black…” I mean, I get it if there are no recap for every episode because Netflix knows we’re going to binge the shit out of the show and there’s no need but a year is too long and I’ve forgotten some of the plot lines and possibly plot holes of the show.