The entire family goes to L.A. to become spring breakers one Saturday morning, visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the marvelous GTA-ish Santa Monica Pier, the ultra-expensive Universal Studios, and the Philippine embassy. And yes, those are the only places we went to in three days. The photos below are the only photos I handpicked from the very few I’ve taken since my phone’s been berserk after it went swimming during my Netflix and bathe session a week before we went to L.A.

First stop, barely awake, was the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is Destiny’s Child. No, I already checked Lady Gaga doesn’t have one yet.


The Hollywood sign. Doing the slightly, pouty pose.

The Santa Monica pier photo w/ Mom. My favorite place out of the entire trip.

No matter how much I’d like to say I’m from House Slytherin, the Gryffindor in me goes wild.

Universal Studios, looking at the map, deciding where to go to next



Girls in the fam



Accidental Beautiful Shot





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