The Mindy Project is Back! YASSS!!!

Over to what seemed like an eternity, after People v. OJ Simpson, David Bowie’s death, Gaga’s epic Superbowl performance, and me moving from The Philippines to the United States of America and the homesickness and the depression that lead me to a re-watch of four seasons of The Mindy Project, my favorite show is back!

There might be spoilers but I promise it won’t be that big like, say, that Seth Meyers cameos which makes me wonder where did the Seth Meyers character went that was once Mindy’s love interest?

Today’s episode, Will They or Won’t They is about making a decision. A very important one for our dear protagonist. The beginning of the episode is Stevie Wonder singing to the fast-forward to what had happened in the course of months which for some may consider as a cheat but it’s an intensely warm affair. I’d like to think this is the writers way of saying “no, we won’t indulge ourselves with what could have been obvious steps for the show. We’re more creative than that.”

Many critics panned the show for its being inconsistent which I’d like to believe is because of the writer’s range of humor but it honestly makes it unpredictable and therefore cool. It’s obviously the show for the millenial and I really don’t understand why is it not being watched by everybody when you can make a GIF out of every scene.

This season was all about pushing the envelope like its subtle feminist tropes. There’s something about this season that made it all so particular. I thought at first, maybe it’s because she’s now a mother of a cute baby. But in this episode, it was non-mother related. And again, something subtly feminist. Mindy laughs when Danny says that “men have needs,” implying that women don’t (?) and walked out. And it was not a ha-ha laugh. And that talk that she had with Chloe to which they all pronounced as “shh-loe” was kind of the real deal. She likes girl friendships now. (Did anyone remember Chloe Silverado?)

Though I loved “Beverly survived a lot of diseases” or Morgan falling off a ladder and then a couch, there was something in the tone which made it somber. There was some kind of maturing that is happening. And this maturing that is happening will affect the entire show because Mindy Lahiri is loud, a crybaby, cruel, and well, hot, and it’s so difficult for me to see it not. And in the first part of the episode, everyone in the office gasped when Mindy did not cry over Danny. And the thing is, we would love to see Mindy bawling and creating mishaps. The character who is now a little more mature cannot make jokes about her irresponsible lifestyle because she’s also a mother now. (I’m not saying being a mother and being lovably reckless is black and white but Mindy has matured a bit) And she can only make jokes about her former life like when she fell out of a hot air balloon basket. It’s all now up to the writers to level up their game for the role model Mindy is trying to be while creating mishaps, mistakes, and recklessness at the same time. Hopefully, it will be refreshing to get to know more about this new Mindy but still funny Mindy, referring to both show and the character.

As for the other characters, there are great in only small dosages. I honestly think that the episodes that has B-plot or the C-plot are the ones that are shaky. On that note, I’m admitting that I’m slowly loving Fortune! And more Adam Pally please!

Either way, my love for this show runs deep and I can’t help but think Danny and Mindy falling apart is just one big epic conclusion to the end because I remember in the winter finale Danny was asking Mindy “to stay and change things” and she shouldn’t just walk away. And she did stay in the practice and it was great for her. Let’s just continue to pray to Madonna until the 26th episode.

Speaking of endings, is there news of season five? Well, my only hope for this show is to get a final season like any other shows actually, rather than killing a show without warning and resolution for the fans. I’m predicting there will be a season five and six. Other than that, I’m not really sure. I just really hope this show gets more attention. I have faith that it will hog a few awards this year.

Also, Mindy, if you’re reading this, last night I was thinking about Kris Jenner’s cameo. How about cameos for Kim Kardashian and her baby? That would be cool. They could playdate Leo.

I’m not sure if I can write another  review/recap/reaction entry next week like when I used to in season 2 but then college got to me so yes, it’s bye for now. Thank you for reading this. Comment angry things at me!




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