How to Deal with Your Haters

Recently, I’ve realized my pet peeve is ‘cool and famous’ people saying “haters gonna hate” so the following are my angry advices or options on how to deal with haters. The following are options, not a step-by-step procedure, on how to deal with your haters:

  1. You don’t. You let be whoever they are. At one point of your life, you hated something or someone. It means that you know what you like and what you don’t like. And a single person who tells you that they hate you should not outweigh the people around you who say otherwise. “If you are not hated in any way, you are not doing anything important,” says Lady Gaga.
  2. You always have to be the bigger person. I’ve told this to someone one time and she thought I was calling her fat. Being a bigger person means swallowing pride. Do not waste your energy to persons who do not even listen, who do not even desire some kind of change in their perspective.
  3. Fight them to the death. If you think you need to explain something, do. Let them know the context of yourself. Let them know that why you think they should not hate you. Let them realize you are only voicing out your feelings but those feelings have to be in accordance with the mind. We are two things: heart and mind. Be civil when you voice out your feelings. Remember what Hannah Montana said: “Fight fire with fire and all you’re going to get is a bigger fire.” But if you will, attack the argument, not the person.
  4. Be a drama queen. This is usual the path that I take but don’t really recommend. Stalk them on Twitter and Facebook and be mean to them with your friends. Make fun of things that they could change. (WARNING: do not make fun of the things people can’t change (for example, don’t make fun of them of their skin color or their height (instead, aggressively attack on their grammar))) Act like you’re better than him or her or them. In the end though, you’ll have to realize you’re not living a productive life but at least you had fun.
  5. Listen to them. This is the path that I’d like to take in the next few years. Listen, they care enough about something that they had to voice their opinions about it. That they had to fight with you just to get a message across. What if they went with the crowd and agreed to every word you say? These are people who have different takes on things. They will make you think about your life so hard and your moral compass pointing South that you would hate on them too but you have to listen to every word they say. These are people who are not blinded by your presence. These are people who can see through your positive side. (Caution: the word that I used is ‘listen,’ not ‘believe’ or ‘follow’). Note that some are not personal attacks.


That’s all I’ve got now. Signing off.

Photo above is from The Diary of a Teenage Girl.



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