The Bitch is Back!


So I’ve realized something: Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter are taking all over my life and it’s turning into a bad thing. I’m slowly quitting them one by one.

For one, productivity. This year, I’ve been uber-busy, balancing romantic relationships one at a time with my ambitious competitive literary career and keeping up with family and friendships. Especially now that I’m in my last year in college. And the last thing I need is 2 hours of scrolling down my Facebook when there is a deadline waiting for me.

Two, other people’s bullshit. I have realized that I can’t really take other people’s bullshit. There are so many things I hate seeing in the internet but I do understand why people want to let us see them: like your bleeding leg or the 9th picture of your baby today. I hate it because I understand where they are coming from. I understand other people’s bullshit and some part of me should not.

Slightly the last: I am very insecure. I may be the person you despise because of this but, I admit, I care about the number of my likes or retweets. (Here’s the thing: I use the percentage, instead of numbers, because it’s more accurate that way) I get extremely sad when I thought about this hilarious, ridiculous tweet for two days only to find out no one even liked it so I had to delete it and tweet it again. My friend says it’s all about the timing of the entry and it is partly true.

And I just find that, that’s actually sad about me: that my happiness depends on a virtual number of approval, that I get validation from people who don’t even talk to me in real-time and real-life, even from people I have never known. In WordPress, since not everyone’s in WordPress, I don’t have to worry about the number of likes or reblogs, which makes me even happier and more carefree.

I have to get over this slight mental defect. I’ll be coming back in Twitter in February. In Instagram, maybe one or two years–I’m not sure. On Facebook, I’ll be online but I’ll be posting less because I’m back to blogging!

I have realized the importance of keeping a journal, writing down or capturing a moment, only recently, thanks to Julie Delpy’s character in the Before Sunset movie. I wish I had memories to look back from five years ago. I only have my Facebook accounts and my Twitter or Instagram to look for them which isn’t a bad thing actually but I find that blogging and keeping a journal is more organized, well-thought, and longer than 140 characters, giving this leeway for creativity and shit like that.

And if people really want to know what’s up with me, instead of randomly coming across a picture of me in their Facebook feed, they would intentionally write the URL of my blog and that’s kind of nice to know.

I’m hoping to have the best year-ender events. 2015 has been an awfully great year for me and I’m kind of afraid that 2016 will be a slow, uneventful one. Have a great holiday season and know that I love you, you stranger!

Check out these possible blog entry titles I’m working on: Feminism Through Selena Gomez, The Namesake Book Review, The Last of my UST, Welcome to my Room!, and How to Deal With Haters. These have been going around my head for months now. I have so much to talk about! . X



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