Super Secret Projects

An old Facebook profile picture circa 2011 during my Chris Brown era when I was still not a feminist
An old Facebook profile picture circa 2011 during my Chris Brown era when I was still not a feminist

PAST (partially finished like 10% finished and never again will be brought back to in-progress):

– a supernatural horror novel about a guy who could dream-predict murders. In the end, he had to kill himself to save somebody and return to life on the next day.

– Gossip Guy, a Gossip Girl spinoff about the scandalous privileged Manhattan teenagers.

-Eternal Cloud, slightly similar to The Fault in Our Stars inspired by Twilight (this begun my writing circa 2nd year in High School). This is also what’s written on our high school class legacy as the book that will define my literary career.

-a mystery teen drama called The Social Circle Mysteries, a cross between Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. P.S. you could read the first three chapters in Wattpad. It wasn’t a hit though unlike the others.

-an incredible funny essay about growing up as a child with music using the space of the shower as tool. This won an award, y’all! I certainly loved this piece of work. All of my quirkiness in one short essay.

-The Daily Patrick, now unavailable but saved every book, movie, TV review, poem in my e-mail

-a short story (the very first in college) about a boy haunted by a white lady who turns out to be Jesus Christ (I had a born-again Christian phase for four years OK?). This made up of more than ten pages.

-short story in English about a Filipino boy who befriends a dragon he could only see. This was a requirement in my Creative Writing class. Up to now, it feels unfinished and unpolished.

-a novel about a cripple falling in love with a simple girl but turns out she was mysterious and stalkerish. Might give you some details but I want you to buy the book later in my life instead. This is my entry to the mainstream world. I hope this gets picked up as a TV series though.

-a novel about a teenager named Blue who tries to stop a bar from closing. This one I’m very proud of and very recent. It’s a hybrid of Skin, Shameless and My Mad Fat Diary. Also TV material.

-this blog

-a humorous and smart memoir of my first 10 years in the showbiz and Hollywood and New York

-a book containing all of my magazine covers and some paintings of me with different and subtle interpretations

-two acclaimed poetry collection written in Filipino with National Artist Rio Alma’s and my close friend James Franco’s blurb at the back

-another memoir which turns out to be a NYT bestseller about my rags-to-riches memoir as an immigrant in the U.S. and my travel exploits that will be released the year I’m going to die (let’s be poetically superstitious and say that it’s when I’m 49)

-a TV series wherein after the opening credits, my name would be at the center of the frame: “created by Patrick John”

-two movie screenplays that acquired a 60% or above rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 1) an American Beauty-ish kind of film with Lana del Rey as the lead 2) a pornographic art film (somehow much more risqué than Blue is the Warmest Color and artsy) which is going to be the trend by 2023.

-a blog like this beautiful and free. Possibly a foot fetish blog.

-lastly, a collection of stories by my friends and family about my 50 years being alive of course and how I changed their lives and legacy that will be released on the day of my funeral where the party will happen. In this way, many people would understand and see my different perspectives and unique relationships as a whole.  This is way too egoistic but I like this idea.

And that’s it. That’s everything you have to know about my writing life.

Update: I think I’m 10 pages in my memoir. Will look for a publisher and an agent who can get me a multimillion dollar book deal. This was written months ago but only posted now. I’m also very busy balancing my social life and my academic endeavors and of course, catching up with my favorite tv shows.


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