In Bohol, Through the Peacock Garden

Two months ago–my beautiful self, my sister, my newly-wed cousin and her husband made a trip to Bohol. And it was the farthest we had gone without a parent. Friday morning was when we flew to Tagbiliran Airport from NAIA after getting ice cream for breakfast and shopping for beach shorts. It was an absolutely beautiful day.IMG_2498
After a difficult flight with Cebu Pacific (we flew around the island of Bohol two or three times before we made an emergency landing on the nearby Mactan Cebu Airport which is ‘larger’ and safer that delayed our entire fun trip for two hours) we arrived at this strange beautiful paradise that they call The Peacock Garden wearing ear-to-ear smiles or at least I was.
It looked like something from an Italian, Greek, or German mansion. Or paradise. The infinity pool was overlooking the Bohol sea. The statues made an elegant effect. The staff was extremely friendly (they let us borrowed floaters to swim with). The doors’ keys were cards (I’m completely new to fancy 21st century hotels). The interior was amazing. The weather was overcast but didn’t rain as much.

After we grabbed a heavy  late (overpriced) lunch, we headed to our rooms to unpack and change into our swimming clothes. I was prepared–I had three swimming trunks and a white shirt (being shirtless makes me feel vulnerable and cold he he he). My sister had her waterproof camera pouch for underwater photos.

We had room service for dinner and slept early for the next day’s adventure.

Second day is getting out of the hotel day. The only way to get around Bohol is through van/ car rental which most of the time includes a chaffeur. The bus is ridiculous and far from the hotel. Jeep is difficult to familiar with. And tricycles are too small and slow for a tour around the island.

Day 2 to summarize is when we went looking for the ridiculously small monkeys Tarsiers in a slightly dangerous and slippeey trek, climbing a hill to see the glorious Chocolate Hills, eating our lunch in a Loboc river cruise and a quick short visit to the fallen Baclayon church.

We arrived back at the hotel and spend some time in the pool again.

We went home on Day 3 after we took a morning dip of course because I love it to be in the water, though cold. I imagined my afterlife to be floating in the ocean endlessly singing Lana del Rey songs.



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