The Cake that Matters

  Cakes, which appear more often than your inedible gifts, are symbols of celebration – usually of a birthday, an anniversary, or a Leslie Knope friendship holiday. They are without a doubt delicious and fantastic especially if they’re half made with ice cream.Also, the candles make it more meaningful but we – let’s face it -don’t know why. That is a deadly question: why do we do the things that we do. Why would anyone think that a flame being blown out is special? Anyway, let’s not get into a dilemma here. Why does a cake matters? Cake is also a Jennifer Aniston movie which should have gotten her an Oscar nomination at least but didn’t. Besides telling everyone that my dream is to smash my face into a cake and eat my way out, the point of this blog entry is to tell you I’ve eaten cake. Yup, that’s all. A tall, beautiful, mango ice cream cake from a local store named Conti’s that is sure to melt even the toughest person into someone who may look like s/he’s having an orgasm (because it’s like sex all over your mouth – crunch, cold cream, raw sweet mangoes collapsing, yes, oh, yes on a small space inside your body). Yes, I’ve eaten it. A huge slice of it after dinner.  But I think what’s more important is that we are not celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or a Leslie Knope friendship holiday. We, my extended beautiful happy family, celebrating a special day of togetherness. And that’s all. That’s the cake that matters.


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