Life Playlist


Weeks ago, I was tasked to prepare and burn a personal 18th birthday playlist into 50 CDs (yes, fifty, I am not even kidding) for my sister. Now I’ve decided I want one too partly because I don’t think I’m going to get a big birthday bash like her and I don’t think I want one either.

I’m not trying to be morbid or anything but I’ve always wanted a life playlist – you know – songs that will be played all throughout your funeral (which is going to be freaking amazing, my ashes are going to be around the rim and everybody’s drinking, celebrating my life and not mourning my death) and once those songs are stuck in their heads, they’ll be like “oh, I remember Patrick” in a Mini-stop or something one day. So I thought: why not now? I should just create one of my own now!

I should have done this like ages ago. I wish I’d done this every year on my birthday and every year has a special theme and once I’m 24 I would start to sell them and they would sell out because I became a big music connoisseur or something. Anyway, I’m starting this year (but I’m not giving you free CDs). I will be posting a playlist – a list of titles of songs I’ve loved and grown to. I hope you laboriously download them on piratebay or through a youtube downloader.

Note that this is not a simple list to make. Years of listening to music, from the radio in 2001 blaring Britney Spears to the 2015’s songs I discovered from Spotify, are making me terrified to finally pin down some of the best songs that have marked, scarred, and created my entire existence. Another note: I also wanted the songs to have some kind of unity thematically so please play the songs by order. They are in that order in some kind of way.

The title of this playlist is: 19, like the Adele album.

  1. You Are a Tourist – Death Cab for Cutie
  2. West Coast – Lana Del Rey
  3. Wonderwall – Oasis
  4. Two Fingers – Jake Bugg
  5. Seaside – The Kooks
  6. VCR – The XX
  7. Hood – Perfume Genius
  8. Chelsea Hotel No. 2 – Leonard Cohen
  9. 400 Lux – Lorde
  10. Blue Jeans – Lana del Rey
  11. Feelin’ Good – Nina Simone
  12. We Are Young – fun.
  13. She Said – Longpigs
  14. Just Tonight – The Pretty Reckless
  15. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry
  16. Everyone’s Gonna Get High – Grouplove
  17. Our Day Will Come – Amy Winehouse
  18. El Condor Pasa (If I Could) – Simon & Garfunkel
  19. The Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga

Before the month ends, I’ll be posting ‘Lolita’ in Hongkong. My blog entries for next month are already being set up so stay tune. I’ll be posting at least twice a week. Comment anything below.

For copyright shit, those who want them take them, I’m not earning a cent here.


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